FinnMin (Finnish Mining Association)

FinnMin (Finnish Mining Association) is a lobby organisation for companies operating in the mining industry in Finland. The association has approximately 58 members. These include mining operators, contractors, suppliers of machinery and equipment, service providers and exploration companies. The association’s operations are fully financed by its membership fees. The association was founded in 1999 and was originally called the Finnish Extractive Industries Association. FinnMin has a partnership agreement with the Technology Industries of Finland. The association’s office is located at Eteläranta 10 in Helsinki.

FinnMin's mission is to:

- Create favourable operating conditions for the mining industry in general

- Increase awareness about the environment and occupational safety among mining companies

- Promote good corporate citizenship especially through the Finnish Network of Sustainable Mining

- Raise the industry’s profile and generate positive publicity for the sector

- Represent its members in international bodies such as Euromines (European Association of Mining Industries, Metal Ores & Industrial Minerals)

- Organise and coordinate joint research projects between its members and provide training and research opportunities

- Encourage cooperation between its members and continuously improve its own operations

- Answer its members’ queries about the industry and advise them on, for example, how to find suitable partners

FinnMin pursues its objectives through a number of working groups, which include an Environmental Committee, an Exploration Network, a Communications Group and an Advisory Board on Mining Safety. Moreover, FinnMin represents its members in international bodies such as Euromines, which is located in Brussels.


Best Practices for Mineral Exploration Reservation Applications and communication in Finland


Contact information

Pekka Suomela, Executive Officer

Pekka Suomela

+358 40 533 2848


Eteläranta 10 P.O.BOX 10, 00131 Helsinki Finland