FinnMin - Finnish Mining Association

FinnMin - Finnish Mining Association

FinnMin is an industry association of mining operations and mineral production together with exploration companies and technology providers.
We have around 40 members. Number of employees in the companies are more than 10 000.

FinnMin, short for Finnish Mining Association is a promoting organization for companies operating in the mining industry in Finland. 
FinnMin operates in close connection with the Federation of Finnish Technology Industries. 

Moreover, FinnMin represents its members in international bodies such as the Euromines (European Association of Mining Industries, Metal Ores & Industrial Minerals). The Executive Director, the Board of Directors and the Environmental Section are jointly responsible for contacts with the European Union.

FinnMin focus areas are:

  • Sustainable mining
  • H&S
  • Competence supply
  • Communication
  • Exploration and access to land
  • Environment
  • Legal matters